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Our Philosophy

Minimize Cost per Question

Businesses need to access their data reliably, and fast. Scribble's data automation products allow users to query their data in a fraction of the time it would have previously taken them. Our flagship product is Scribble Assist - Using NLP and Query-ranking, Scribble's Assist tool is fitted to span your individual databases in minutes. It provides users a simple search bar interface that they can then use to enter the kind of data they're looking for. The tool uses this input to build arbitrarily complex queries in seconds.

Extend Your Analytic Process

Your data remains 100% secure and private. That’s the genius of Scribble. We don’t sit inside your system, instead Scribble understands how your data is structured and quickly spins up a customized search engine for your business. Scribble integrates with any of your existing BI tools, or can be used as a stand-alone.

Fast Insights for Everybody

Data isn’t worth a thing until it works for you. Scribble data empowers your enterprise. Within your business’ data governance structure, Scribble lets analysts and decision makers find the data they need to make faster, better decisions. Not a fan of typing? No sweat. Use voice to ask for what you need. We’re revving up the productivity of your data staff, your business analysts, and the decision makers in your business. With Scribble, insights about your enterprise’s resources, staffing, ROIs, customers, products, and a whole lot more, are literally at the tips of your fingers.

Our Services

Scribble Assist

Flexible data workbench for analysts and engineers. Build arbitrarily complex queries using near natural language in a fraction of the time with high trust.

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Scribble Search

Customized search engine that maps keywords to actual SQL. No data access required, trivial setup, and no training. Use standalone or embed.

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Chief Data Officer (CDO) service on tap. Align your technology, people and process to go data-driven, and maximize value

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